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Long Island Gladiators

What is a HUB Gladiator? Essentially, it’s the name we give to all our teams. Our athletes wear it on their jerseys as a sense of unity. But beyond the name, the term “Gladiator” represents an idea: that the HUB makes great athletes – and great people. We’re a developmental facility at heart. We provide a club team experience without the club team stress and win-at-all-costs drama.

Beyond the game, we teach responsibility, hard work, and mental and physical strength. Being a Gladiator means showing up on time, keeping a good attitude, and knowing right from wrong. HUB Gladiators are the ones you see helping an old lady cross the street. It’s about integrity – not politics.

The HUB Gladiators uniform is a symbol of pride to wear on and off the field. We develop HUB Gladiators into not only the hardest working athletes – but also the most talented ones. And who better to train them than our certified trainers and coaches? Above all, choosing to be a Gladiator means choosing the Five Gladiator Principles.





Long Island Sports Hub  
165 Eileen Way  
Syosset, NY 11791  
(516) 364-4000