Summer Volleyball Clinic

Our premier Summer Volleyball Clinic in partnership with Max Auguste, former Division I volleyball coach and Executive Director of Fundamental Volleyball, is focused on providing USA Volleyball standard, cutting-edge fundamental skills to clinic participants, at all levels within a fun environment.

By using effective skill demonstration, our highly certified coaching staff with college level playing experience, will initially provide the basic individual (serving, passing, setting, spiking, blocking & digging) techniques, to determine the skill level of each participant. Our staff will then design and implement basic, intermediate and advance drills that allow each participant to put all skills learned into game-like structure. This strategic approach will permit players to perfect their playing position while attaining excellence within organized game play. All learning outcomes will then be integrated into team-oriented drills, strategies and competition, to help participants confidently prepare for their respective school’s volleyball tryouts and season.

Some of the drills players can expect include:

  • King/Queen of The Court
  • Bounce and Pass Combination
  • Run Through Drill
  • Active Passing/Setting
  • Butterfly
  • Shuffle Passing
  • Server / Serve – receive
  • Catching Up
  • Going Out Backward
  • Scrimmages

July 24 - July 27

6:00 - 10:00 PM

$350 (before 7/1/17)
$375 (after 7/1l17)