Facility Overview

Passionately called SPORTS HUB, the Long Island SPORTS HUB is an indoor sports facility that is ready to cater to all of your action-packed needs!

We are conveniently and centrally located on the North Shore of Long Island near the major highways. The Hub is not just the nicest sporting arena in Nassau County but the largest and most versatile. Our NEW hockey rink puts us in a league of our own.

Just how big and capable is the SPORTS HUB? Imagine 72,000 square feet of indoor playing fun all under one climate-controlled roof. Picture an average ceiling height of 40 feet. Envision four large turfed field areas making up nearly 40,000 square feet of our facility. Add premium lighting and the SPORTS HUB is ideal for all field-based sporting activities – day or night, rain or shine.

Our facilities are clean, safe, and state of the art. We can host a multitude of sporting events at one time. The HUB is proud to be the most convenient sporting arena for parents and children alike. We welcome people of all ages and skill levels to join us for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, field hockey, football and a whole lot more! And of course, hockey!

Facility and Amenity Highlights:

  • Nearly 40,000 square feet of playable turf area divided into four (4) fields (100 x 90 feet each)
  • Ice hockey rink (175 x 70 feet)
  • New regulation-sized college basketball court (90 x 60 feet) coming in May 2017
  • Two new volleyball courts coming in May 2017
  • Over 20,000 Square Feet of amenity-based space. We offer party rooms, concession stands, viewing areas, speed and agility areas and more
  • A Climate-Controlled Sporting Arena. You never have to cancel - even in bad weather.
  • Average Ceiling Height of 40 Feet - the tallest on Long Island.
  • Eight-foot padded walls on all sides except for viewing areas. Our glass walls provide player safety and optimal viewing for parents.
  • The best lighting in any indoor sports facility on Long Island.

Office Hours

The SPORTS HUB office hours are from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM; seven days a week. During office hours a manager and supervisor are on staff to handle any and all questions. Inquire about rentals, clinics, camps, birthday parties, and any other special events hosted at the HUB.

Please contact us at 516-364-4000

Facility Hours

The SPORTS HUB prides itself on servicing our surrounding communities. We realize that we must be ready and able to open up our facility when you need it.

Typically, our building is open from 8:00 AM – Midnight every day. However, we gladly open up early and stay late depending on the event scheduled for that day.

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 12 Midnight

Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM to 12 Midnight

SPORTS HUB Hockey Arena


State of the art 175 X 70 feet ice hockey rink.


Large Turf Area

A total of 40,000 square feet, the SPORTS HUB’s large turf area is one of the biggest on Long Island. With ceiling heights of 40 feet and the best lighting on Long Island, our turfed area is simply amazing. We can break up our large turf area into smaller areas for smaller groups. You can even customize your rental or activity based on the number of players.

We can break up our large turf area as follows:

Large Turf Area measuring 40,000 square feet

  • Field 1 – 9,000 square feet
  • Field 2 – 9,000 square feet 
  • Field 3 – 9,000 square feet
  • Field 4 – 9,000 square feet